Frequently asked questions

Signing up

I signed up, but I haven't received any emails. Am I in the swap? If you're able to log in, they're probably getting blocked by a spam filter. Provided the box with 'I'm in' is ticked, you're in. If you can't log in, it's probable that you spelled your email address wrong. Drop a line to and we'll sort it out.

Why is there a £1 charge? It helps us make sure that everyone who participates is genuine, and is committed to the project. We listened to a lot of feedback from swappers on ways to keep the project accessible but accountable. Running the Perfect Strangers Project is also a lot of work. (Fun work!)

My swap partner

I'd like someone from a different country / the same country as me. You can tell us where you'd prefer to post to in the 'my details' section of your profile page.

If I'm not happy with my partner, can I be matched with someone different? Nope, we aren't re-matching anyone after the giant hat-shaking bonanza of matching! The project is about sending a parcel to a perfect stranger, whoever that might be. The only exception is if your partner seems suspicious or you don't feel safe. In which case, let us know at and we'll take a look at it immediately.

I need to leave the swap. How can I do this? Until you've been matched, you can do this by unticking 'I'm in' on your profile page. After that, email

Wah, I've got an email from my partner saying they've dropped out. Can I be rematched? Yes, you can. Drop a line to quick as you can.

Sending a parcel

What should I put in my box? Anything you like! The spending guide is £20, not including postage. Check out the posting guide for how much that'll cost, or get some inspiration from our previous swappers on Facebook and Instagram.

I sent my package ages ago and have contacted my partner to see if they've received it, but haven't heard anything. What do I do? This is tricky. Unfortunately, life sometimes happens and it might be that your partner is suddenly unable to take part due to unforeseen circumstances. It's frustrating after you've put time and energy into creating something special, but you at least can rest assured in the fact that you've done your bit.

Receiving a parcel

My box arrived and it's fab! Wanna see? Of course we do. Please share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #perfectstrangers.

What if my box doesn't arrive? How long should I wait before I contact my swap partner, and can you chase them for me? Firstly, check the timeline on our homepage or your profile page for when you can expect your box to arrive. International post can take aaaages. We aren't able to chase your partner for you, but we do provide you with their email address. So, after the end of the December, drop your partner a gentle nudge over email. If there's still radio silence and you're pretty sure your partner is lost in action, you can click 'report' on your profile. This will send your partner an email from us and also make a record that they haven't posted a package.

If we haven't answered your question here, drop a line to