Inspiration list

This project is about giving to strangers, and we're always filled with excitement each time it comes round to putting together our box: what to make? What to write? What to send? The possibilities are endless.

We've seen some incredible boxes in the past (boxes filled with confetti, boxes with a guide to opening each numbered item, even a box that lit up when you open it), but remember too that simple is good: it's all about making something that's true to you.

This swap's theme is Winter Warmer. As winter approaches and the days get drizzlier a lot of us feel slightly grey, so this is the perfect opportunity to brighten a stranger's day with a cheering winter care package.

It can of course be a little daunting making a box for someone you've never met, so we've put together this list of ideas to inspire you if you're feeling slightly stuck. Remember that our suggested spending guide is twenty pounds, and remember too to only include what you can afford to lose!

A few ideas to inspire you on your way...

Something edible. The way to someone's postal heart might just be through their stomach. Nothing perishable, mind; no one wants to receive a mouldy parcel. Think biscuits, teas, sweets and other such light treats.

Something funny. Include something that will bring hilarity to their day: a funny cartoon, a silly limerick, or the link to a video clip that's made you laugh no matter how many times you've watched it.

Share what you know. Be that a playlist of your favourite songs, the top ten books you've read in the past year or a family recipe that's never failed to please, your partner will appreciate your generous words of wisdom.

A wintry treat. Cheer up your partner as the days get colder with a pair of warm socks, a scented candle, some sachets of your favourite tea, or a pair of ear muffs.

A poem, a postcard, a poster.

A map of your favourite city. Draw an arrow to your favourite cafe, the best art gallery or a hidden park, and your swap partner will also be able to discover those places all thanks to you.

A little something about yourself. Include a short letter introducing yourself and you never know, they might write back!