Welcome to the Perfect Strangers Project

If you took part in the swap before: welcome back! It's good to see you again. If it's your first time here then hello and it's lovely to have you.

Perfect Strangers is a box-swapping bonanza that takes place across the globe. It's very simple: we pair you with a stranger, you prepare them a box of things you love. You pop it in the post, and cross your fingers to receive a box back. You brighten their day, and the world becomes one stranger smaller. Who knows, you might even start a friendship.

This year, it's one pound to take part. It helps us make sure everyone is genuine. (Why?).

Here are some things you might like to think about before signing up or sending off your box:

Do you want to post internationally? It's exciting to embrace the unknown: your swap partner could be from anywhere from Iceland or Peru, but remember to take a look at the posting guide for airmail prices. If you'd rather stick to within your own country, select the option during sign-up or you can also change it any time before you're matched.

Our suggested spend per box is £20. Of course, you're very welcome to go over or under—you might hand-make your box and spend nothing for all we know!—but please only spend what you can afford.

The matching process is random. We are unable to rematch you with a different partner, unless your partner drops out and you're left without one. If your partner seems suspicious or you don't feel safe, please write in to hello@perfectstrangers.com and we'll take a look at it immediately.

The Perfect Strangers Project is about giving. Fingers crossed, it's also about receiving! But not all strangers are perfect. If you're low on money or Good Energy, a swap may not be for you at the moment, because you could be getting a gorgeous gift, or nothing at all. Do something for yourself instead: speak to a good friend, cook your favourite food, run a hot bubble bath. If you do go ahead with the swap, remember to only put in the money or energy you can afford to lose.